Hello Amazing Reader,

Trust your week has been splendid? It’s another review Thursday and on our slate today is a beautiful short movie by Soul TV Africa Productions.

‘12 seasons’ reminds us about God’s plan for the marriage institution. No matter how society has portrayed it today, God ordained marriage to be beautiful. Sadly, many get into it with wrong ideologies and when they hit obstacles, they hurriedly seek the path of least  resistance, in most cases, a divorce.

According to the marriage counsellor played by Pst Kingsley Okonkwo, many people get married without understanding what love is. When Gerald & Olive approach the counsellor to inform him about their divorce plans, he points them to the love chapter of the Bible- 1 Corinthians 13. An understanding of this scripture ultimately led to the restoration of their marriage.

It’s a short movie, so it’ll be distasteful having this lengthy. I strongly recommend this for would-be couples, young couples and indeed everyone who believes in the institution of marriage as ordained by God. Please do well to share this as well. Let’s collectively change the narrative about marriage being a necessary evil, because it is not!