Hello Amazing Reader,

It’s always a delight having you stop by. Before we dive into today’s review, we’d like to wish our esteemed American readers a happy thanksgiving. We pray this year will be crowned for you with sudden miracles in Jesus name.

The name(s) that we call God, determines how He responds to us. We frequently call him the Healer, El-Shaddai, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Jireh, etc. But did you also know God is the God of suddenly?

The Bible is filled with several accounts of the sudden acts of God. Like Minister McDowell mentioned in this song, Lazarus was dead three days before Jesus came on the scene. Martha, his sister concluded it was too late,but guess what? The God of suddenly showed up and restored life to Lazarus.

While you may have concluded that 2020 isn’t for you; please note that  we serve a God of suddenly and He’s able to show up suddenly. He doesn’t need forever to change your story. He’s showing up for you, and He’s turning your sorrow to laughter in Jesus name.

You definitely need to soak this song in and I guarantee you that your faith for ‘suddenlies’ will be stirred up.

‘Even Now’ is one of the songs in Minister McDowell’s album, “The Cry: A Live Worship Experience” recorded in 2019.