Hello Dear One,

What a privilege to have you join us.

It’s a double debut session today- we’ve got our first message review for the year and for the first time on this blog, we’re reviewing a message by the Senior Pastor of Global Impact Church, Pastor Yemi Davids.

Pastor Yemi was one of those we got to meet through WAFBEC 2021. An excellent teacher of the word, who laces his delivery with so much humor. In this message, he speaks about God’s restoration plan for us this year. But, he is quick to include a caveat-while its ours to pray, its God’s to answer and He can manifest in whichever way He chooses. However, we often miss God’s blessings because we expect God to answer in a particular way. In his words, “It takes spiritual recognition and the right attitude not to miss it.”

He also points out a number of ‘little things’ that impede our prayers from answered; chief of which is ill attitude and until we address this, we don’t make a head way.

The ministry of angels and the weapon of praise were also unpacked in this message. It’s tempting to give it all away, but it’ll be great to have you watch this yourself. You’ll certainly be blessed.

God bless you Pastor Yemi Davids, God bless Pastor Poju Oyemade, the WAFBEC crew and the entire Covenant Nation.