This song released on the 11th of March this year was one of the best things to have happened on that day in my modest estimation.

The Yoruba titled song is translated in English as ‘Miracles will happen.’ You can thank me later😀 Not to get too deep into translations but the word ‘Iyanu’ transliterally refers to a supernatural act that is jaw-dropping or a wonder. For the purpose of this post and general understanding let’s stick to miracles, i.e. miracles will happen. The song starts with a word of prayer by Daddy G.O in Yoruba (Can’t quite translate the prayer in this post, sorry).

Truth is the song is predominantly in Yoruba language but that is not a turn off even if you don’t quite understand the language. The first verse of the song is by Tim Godfrey followed by the chorus and then the next verse by Evang. Tope Alabi. The continuation of the song is a combination of both ministers while the song concludes with a prayer/prophecy by Daddy G.O. This song is inspiring in many ways.

First, as children of God, it reminds us that experiencing miracles should be a norm in this cynical world we live in and that we have a role to play in ensuring this norm. The role starts with a consciousness that we are redeemed by Christ to operate in the realm of the supernatural (miracles) despite living in the natural.

Second, we must continue to declare what is written in God’s word as against what is happening. As children of God our tongues wield lots of power and determine the course of our lives. A continuous declaration of the Word of God in the face of contrary happenings would eventually result in the latter conforming to the former. I hope after reading this piece and listening to the song which is available on all streaming platforms, you come to a consciousness that Iyanu A Sele in your life today and every other day. Ensure you uphold your end of the bargain and watch miracles occur in your life on a daily basis.

Love Always,