Hello Amazing One,

Welcome to another Review Thursday. On today’s episode, we have on our slate a new release by Pastor Elijah Oyelade.

There’s a world of difference between Christianity and other religions. One of such is the relationship platform it offers us with God. While God is the God of all, He only fathers those who accept Him as Lord & Saviour. That is, the moment you become born again, He occupies a fatherly role in your life. And just like a typical earthly father, God looks after you, ensures you are well taken care of, and attends to your needs. This time, above and beyond what any earthly father would. That’s not all, your Heavenly Father is also available to be your friend, helper, shield,… (although, that’s if you let Him).

In this beautiful song of worship, the song writer extols God as His Father, Helper and Friend. What a wonderful combination. Revel in this reality, as you step into a higher level of relationship with God.

God’s blessings always,