Hello Fam,

If you’ve got Christian couples around you, please do well to let them in on this review.

Honest question please, maybe you could help out. Wherever did married believers get the notion that sex is a sacred topic that must not and should not be discussed? If you mention the ‘s’ word in a gathering of other saints, you get all kinds of cynical looks, which could be interpreted to mean your salvation is questionable. The ‘sacredness’ of this topic has unfortunately led to dissolution of several marriages (even within the church).

Dear married Christian believer, God instituted marriage, and the same God instituted sex. You can be a believing believer, and still enjoy all that God has ordained for marriage; please don’t let anyone tell you less.

In this video, Victoria Orenze and friends unpack this subject, and make it relatable, extremely real and practical. Do dig in already, and watch the subsequent videos too. It’ll be absolutely worth your time.