Happy New May amazing one. It’ll be a month of sudden miracles for you and yours in Jesus name.

The Liberation mandate hits the big 40!

On 2nd May 1981, God delivered an 18-hour vision to Bro David Oyedepo. This vision, later referred to as the liberation mandate has been the foundation of the Commission’s operation of liberating men from all oppressions of the devil.

Since the delivery of the mandate, there have been tons of testimonies, validating its authenticity. These include: deliverances from oppression, healings of all kinds, the dead brought back to life, and many more. Furthermore, the church in the past two years experienced the opening of about 15,000 new locations across its network.

Beginning 2nd May 2021 through 9th May 2021, the Commission will be marking its 40th anniversary celebration. It’ll be a time of celebrating the acts of God in the midst of His people. Also, as declared by God through His servant, it marks the end of our dry season, as we possess our promised land.

Bishop Oyedepo has also declared by the Spirit of God that it will be like 40 shilohs in one. Just wow! One Shiloh never leaves you the same, now imagine the impact of 40 Shiloh events put together…

Please accept this as our invitation to this landmark event. God is set to bring you out of every wilderness experience and launch you into your promised land- a land flowing with milk and honey. Do all you can to be part of this great feast. You can join the branch of Living Faith Church closest to you, or join in online.

God bless you!