What a feast!

If you haven’t joined the 40th anniversary prophetic feast of the liberation mandate, it’s worth asking where you have been the whole time.

God, through His servants have been revealing to us the requirements for possessing our Promised Land. They include: praying Kingdom advancement prayers, soul winning, giving towards Kingdom expansion projects, and obedience.

Having been through the wilderness, largely characterized by unrest and scarceness, we have now entered our land of abundance of all things. As such, we are also being exposed to the blessings that obtain in the Promised Land. Some of which are: long life, prosperity, divine health, establishment, and many more.

In addition to the word feasts, there have been humbling testimonies from members of the church, and sons of the prophet (leaders of other ministries) who have been blessed by the liberation mandate. These ones have experienced the grace of God upon the Winners’ family replicate in their own lives and ministries. It’s been amazing to hear these testimonies, as it illustrates the generational impact that an individual’s obedience can result in.

You can agree that it’s been a magnificent feast, right? Please do all you can to join the rest of the program, as it runs until Sunday 9th May 2021 (see schedule in the image above).  You can locate the branch of Living Faith Church closest to you or join in online.

God’s blessings always.