Hello Amazing One,

It’s another review edition; many thanks for joining in.

Earlier this week, I found myself joining the farewell service of Late Pastor Dare Adeboye on YouTube. This was something I didn’t want to do, because I didn’t think my emotions would let me. But thank God I did. I saw a demonstration of unfeigned faith displayed by the family members. You could tell that this wasn’t staged or something they had collectively planned to do to satisfy public glare. It was pure, child-like faith in the face of such a trying season. An underlying lesson from all the speakers was the decision to judge God faithful regardless of the situation.  

While wrapping up the sermon during the same service, the Pastor mentioned that God had laid the song under review-‘History ’in his heart as a message to the immediate family and the body of Christ.

I got an incline of the song’s message from the few lines he sang, and listening to the original delivery, I can testify that it’s really a song for the hour. The opening lines say:

You and I, we’ve got history

We go way,way back

History here, refers to a previous experience of the move of God. All the times He came through for you, the battles He won for you when you knew nothing of it, the storms He brought you through… And so, looking back at how far you’ve come with God, you can confidently say, Nothing can separate us

In the face of challenges, the devil attempts to make us forget the faithfulness of God. What he doesn’t know is that we have a history with God. We can also confidently testify that He’s always had our back.What’s more? Because He has a track record of faithfulness, we are able to trust Him in the midst of trying seasons.

What’s your history with God? Do you also go way back with Him? If you can’t say that just yet, today is a beautiful day to begin. Ask God into your life as your Lord and personal savior. Ask Him to forgive you of every unrighteousness and write your name in the book of life. That’s the start of history right there.

God’s blessings always,