Hello Amazing Reader,

It’s another beautiful day and we are grateful to God who daily loads us with His benefits.

In our last post, we made reference to a sermon we had reviewed during our book club meeting. We thought to let you in on it full swing, so you’ll be equally blessed.

It had to happen by Pastor Steven Furtick speaks to reason versus revelation. It’s a web many people (even believers) find themselves in. When challenges come our way, the almost default reaction is to ask God ‘why?’. In this message, Pastor Steven encourages that we move from reason to revelation. Rather than ask God why, seek to know what He is set to reveal to you. Also, whatever challenge it is did not happen without God’s knowledge. If He allowed it, He’s set to turn it around for His glory.

The anchor scripture for this message is in Acts 27, where Paul’s ship goes through a terrible storm for 14 days, following that he gets bitten by a serpent when they arrived at the Island of Melita (Acts 28). As we follow through the story, we see how God uses Paul to heal many dwellers of the Island. Hilarious and intentional of God right? He had it all planned out after all.

If you’re feeling down and out, in the midst of a trying season, and wondering why God seems to have left you desolate, understand that It had to happen. Best believe God is up to something great, and in due season your mouth will be full of testimonies. And it won’t stop with you, because you’ll also be used of God to strengthen others through your testimony.

Please watch this message, and do well to share with others.

God’s blessings always