Hello fam! A very warm welcome into this month of June.

Our first post for this month is a song or rather track review by Minister Victoria Orenze with the above title. You might be wondering why the track title is that long but it will make more sense in a bit. Stay with me, thank you.

The track is from her album titled, ‘God Can.’ Although the album is a 2021 release, the three songs that make up this track were released in 2020.

God Can is the first of the songs and God indeed can, Can’t He? It talks about how God can make ways, open doors and sort out cases that we have given up on. The song reinforces our confidence in God’s ability.

The second song is Very Great God. It talks about things God has done in the past and why we can anchor our hope on Him based on His track records. She talks about track records such as raising the dead, opening the eyes of the blind, healing the sick etc. She even shares a testimony of her sister similar to that of Lazarus who died and was raised by the power of God after four days. Acts like this is why we can and should trust God.

Nothing Too Hard is the last of the songs and is pretty much an extension of the previous. If you come to think of it, is there anything too difficult/hard for God to do? We both know the answer to that.

I encourage you to listen to this spirit-filled song. Personally, the song has reinforced my confidence in God in spite of contrary circumstances. My heart is fixed trusting in God and the song will do just that for you as well. You are encouraged to soak in this track for the next 45 minutes on all streaming platforms. God will bless you richly, and manifest His ability in your life.

Love Always,