Hello Amazing One,

Welcome to another showcase edition. We appreciate you for always taking the time to stop by. God bless you.

Today’s post is particularly dedicated to everyone trusting God for a marital settlement testimony; those believing God for peace in their marital homes; those who desire supernatural restoration of their marriages; and really any testimony along this line.

God, the author of marriage designed it to be beautiful. If you are experiencing anything short of that, it is an aberration and you shouldn’t settle with it.

Several testimonies have emanated from similar services in the past. Yours can be next. For that to happen, please come with a heart of expectation and God will surely visit you as He has said. You can fellowship at any branch of Living Faith Church closest to you or join in online from 6 am (WAT)

Tell everyone who needs a marital settlement testimony as well. This is not a service to miss. We can’t wait to hear your testimonies.

God’s blessings always