Hello Amazing One,

Can you believe we’re halfway through July already? Feels only like yesterday the month began. Thank God for His mercies.

During our last book club meet, this was one of the videos we discussed. One of the major lessons participants highlighted from the message was what we do while we wait.  In this message, Joel Osteen emphasizes that there is a difference between waiting in faith and waiting in despair. God sure knows the difference between both, and He only promises to reward our faith. So, why despair?

Something else we can do while waiting is helping others. Sounds quite strange yeah? There are many who are in similar situations like yourself, can you lend them a helping hand while you trust God for a change of season in your life. In the preacher’s words, “As you help others, God is going to help you.”

Would you give God time to make things beautiful in your life?

Beautiful in its time runs about 29 minutes and it is strongly recommended for anyone trusting God for any kind of intervention.