Hello Amazing One,

Welcome to August💃🏾🕺🏾 It’ll be a month of grace and glory for you and yours in Jesus name.

“Servant of the Most High God” is the greatest title that any believer should seek to be called by. Sadly, we have a situation where even believers have become extremely title-driven. Seeking titles at all cost, so they can be seen and known.

In the book of Daniel, we see many instances where Daniel and the three Hebrew boys were referred to as servants of the Most High God. Some examples are seen in Daniel 3:26, 6:20. Interestingly, they didn’t have to introduce themselves as servants of God. However, the kings saw a manifestation of God in their lives and knew for a fact that these ones had to be servants of God. That’s such a humbling testimony; one worth yearning for.

Beginning this month, may people see God through you and be attracted to serve your God like the case of Daniel and three Hebrew boys in Jesus name.

Happy new month once again, God bless and prosper your ways.