Welcome to October Amazing One 💃🏾🎶🕺🏾,

We trust God with you that it will be a month you won’t forget in a hurry. It will be full of manifestations, answered prayers, open doors, divine visitations, and so much more in Jesus name.

Yes, we are in the last quarter of 2021, but God can still visit you in a special way. In fact, He is set to give you special miracles and one of the channels He has prepared to bring this your way is through the Special Miracles Service holding across the Living Faith Church network tomorrow, 3rd October 2021.

You can join the international headquarters online beginning 6am (WAT), or attend the branch closest to you in-person. Either works great. Please don’t forget to attend the service with a heart full of expectations. If you can, do document those areas where you desire to experience special miracles, and God will surely visit you, Amen.

Once again, happy new October. Enjoy God’s best.