Hello Amazing One,

Welcome to Showcase Saturday. We were counting weeks to Shiloh 2021, now we’re counting hours. Shiloh 2021 is about 48 hours away🕺🏾💃🏾 Are you ready to partake of your ‘More than a Conqueror’ heritage?

I’ll share a short and personal story with you. I think it was Shiloh 2018. During the testimony segment of one of the encounter nights, I was eager to hear about the mighty acts of God, but my excitement turned to tears in no time. You’re probably wondering how this could be, right? It happened so because almost all the testifiers that night had made reference to a particular prophetic word they had caught from the previous Shiloh, and they were all at this Shiloh with their miracle spouses.

What? How? When? I was at the same Shiloh they had all made reference to. But I never heard that prophetic word, talk less of believing it. Where was I? These were my thoughts as the tears flowed freely on my cheeks. I was mad at myself. How could I have been that careless? But, that marked a turning point. I decided that never again would I be careless in the presence of God. I also prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to empower my decision.  

To the glory of God, every Shiloh since then, I have always returned with testimonies.

As Shiloh 2021 gets closer, what are your expectations? Grace for your next levels? Marital breakthrough? Healing? Deliverance? Academic Excellence? Miracle Babies?… Come with as many expectations as you desire. The God of Shiloh is set to turn them into testimonies.

Join the live Shiloh sessions at the branch of Living Faith Church closest to you or through any of the platforms shown on the flier.

See you at Shiloh!