Hello Amazing One,

We’re gradually tick tocking to the yuletide season 💃🏾🕺🏾🎶 Thank God for life in its fullness, and the blessings that money cannot buy. The recently concluded 2021 Holy Ghost Congress by the Redeemed Christian Church of God was a mighty move of God’s power on the earth. Were you able to attend?

In one of the teaching sessions, the President of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo taught on overcoming the spirit of fear. Recall, God started with us on operating in a no-fear zone in our last meditation post?

In this message, Bishop Oyedepo highlights practical steps to overcoming this demonic spirit. Come with us, as we share a few of these.

  • Fear is a spirit which can only be conquered by engaging relevant forces.
  • You must recognize fear as an enemy before you can overcome it.
  • Faith and fear cannot co-exist.
  • Revelation is one of the weapons to conquer fear. You cannot be afraid of the unknown when you have light.
  • Fear is a robber; it opens the door to demonic assault.
  • Every believer is a victim of what he/she fears.
  • You have been redeemed to live a fear-free life.

Bishop Oyedepo concludes the message by encouraging us to seek relevant knowledge in areas where fear had held us captive. He also prays against the spirit of fear operating in the lives of God’s people.

Please do well to listen to this message and experience the shackle of fear broken from your life.

God’s blessings always