Hello Amazing One,

🎶🎵 👯‍♂️💃🏾We’ve got less than 48 hours until Christmas. Thank God for the gift of Jesus, whose birth we are celebrating. May the peace, joy, hope His birth brings be your portion in Jesus name, Amen.

Last Saturday, we had a splendid time at the book launch of Seasons. In fact, we’ve been receiving tons of positive feedback, all to the glory of God.

Just before we get to your Christmas gift, we’d like to deeply appreciate you for your show of love all through 2021. Thank you for reading, sharing, liking, and commenting on our posts. More importantly, thank you for praying for us. God bless you!

We look forward to doing this with you again in 2022. Only this time, it will be in our (yourself and ourselves) multiplied state. We’ll be resuming with a Meditation post on 3rd January 2022, by God’s grace.

Have a wonderful Christmas, an amazing last week of the year reeling in the manifestation of your pending desires from God, and enjoy a testimony-filled 2022.

You may now unwrap your gift 🎁🎁