Hello Amazing One,

Trust your week has been great? Have you noticed most people only switch to thanksgiving mode towards the end of the year? It feels like at that time, we can better assess our lives and see what God has done, right? Well, truth is every day, and in fact every moment holds something to be thankful to God for.

In Bishop Oyedepo’s words, “If you can think well, you will thank well.” We can adopt a consistent attitude of gratitude and even take it a step further by appreciating God well ahead of the blessings we anticipate.

Nathaniel Bassey’s latest release, “See what the Lord Has Done” is a prophetic song that teaches us to appreciate God in faith for the blessings we expect. It has very few lines, which makes it easy to sing along.

As you sing this prophetic song over your desired miracles, they’ll become tangible testimonies in a matter of time, in Jesus name, Amen.

See what the Lord Has Done was released on 6th January 2022.  Listen in, like, comment, and don’t forget to share too.

God’s blessings always