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The sermon on review today will serve as a reminder that God is the Master Multiplier! I pray that the message will bless you and give you the courage to refuse the lies of the devil, Amen!

Anchored from Luke 9:1-2, 10-17, the story of Jesus and his disciples feeding the multitudes, the sermon was in 2 interrelated parts.

The first part

Here the minister encouraged us to heed the call of God. Taking reference from the disciples who, called by Jesus, had diligently gone from door to door to evangelise (Luke 9:6). She went further, noting the misconceptions about “being in ministry.” We are reassured that God has called us all into ministry and she gave some good examples to refute such misconceptions. For example, a mother teaching her kids about the gospel of christ is “in ministry,” in any corporate setting, anyone who refuses to accept ideas and strategies that do not conform with the word of God is “in ministry,” and a student that will not be intimidated into doing what the young people of today see as “cool” is, in fact, “in ministry.”

How then can we be more like the disciples and be more diligent and passionate about what God has called us to do? The minister identified 3 ingredients of effective ministry from Luke 9:1-2;

  1. The call: Jesus called them as he has called every single one of us in Christ, we only need to answer his call
  2. The power: He gave them power and authority. Jesus did not just call them to an assignment, he equipped them with supernatural powers to carry out what he called them to do. The same is certain for us, if we say yes and disregard whatever qualifications or knowledge we must have acquired, he will entrust us with his power and authority
  3. He sent them: There is a time for everything (Eccl 3:1-8) and Jesus alone knows a perfect time. So, wait for his leading and when the time is right, he is sure to send you to do the work that is fit for you

The second part

We go deeper into the well-known story in the chapter, the 5 loaves and 2 fish (Luke 9:10-17), the 5 and 2 as the minister referred to them. She explains the 5 and 2 were gifts to the multitudes but, in reality, the multitudes were gifts to the disciples. They propelled the disciples to giving Jesus what they already had, what they thought wasn’t enough to be blessed and multiplied.

Likewise, we are made to understand that there are multitudes weighing us down in our lives too, pressing on us, either in our marriage, finances, or career. But like the disciples who requested for Jesus to send the multitudes away (Luke 9:12), we also pray away the challenges that God has put in our lives for a reason because we fail to recognise God’s hand.

God has allowed these multitudes in our lives to make us discover the treasure he has put inside of us, waiting to be unveiled, and given back to him to be multiplied. So whatever it is that is weighing you down, God has already given you what you need to address that issue and she summons us to take it, no matter how little, and put it back in the hands of the multiplying master.

This message is to remind you in case the devil has been lying to you that you are not enough for what God has called you to do. Rest reassured that you don’t need anything more like the disciples requested in verse 13b, you just need God’s blessing on what you already have. His blessing is the favour that you want on your life.

The minister finished with a prayer for every single person in the audience which I want us to pray for ourselves too and you can repeat it again when you watch the video which I encourage you to do.

  1. God change my perspective to see what you have for me in the multitudes
  2. Whatever the 5 and 2 are in my life, give me holy courage and boldness to pull them out and entrust them to you
  3. Finally, thank God for the multitudes that he has placed in your life for a reason

God bless,

1nebody Team

Powerful quotes from the minister

The cure for exhaustion is intimacy with God, that is the only way that you can be replenished. There is no replenishing like watching God multiply your loaves and fish

Priscilla shirer

If there is a multitude in your life, then there are loaves and fish somewhere in your experience to be uncovered and entrusted in the hands of God