Dear Amazing Reader,

You made it through another week, Glory be to God! Let’s get right to today’s review, a song by a Nigerian female gospel artiste, Mercy Chinwo.

Oh Jesus! is a powerful worship that gets you in the mood of total surrender to and reverence for your heavenly father. The song is reinforcing, spirit-filling, and gets you on your knees and in tears before you know it (Phil 2:10).

The song, approximately 7 minutes long, started and ended with the singers speaking in tongues which propels you to do the same, in total adoration of God. It has really soft, sweet melodies and very intentionally concise lyrics that have you are singing along just within seconds;

Oh Jesus, your name is powerful, Oh Jesus

Your name is glorious, Oh Jesus

Your name is powerful than any force in this world

You are glorious and faithful in all your ways…

Oh Jesus

The song doesn’t, in fact, need more than the words that have already been used. Those exact words have simply emphasized the greatness and authority of that name, Jesus. The song magnifies the name of Jesus, giving all the glory to him, nothing else matters, not big grammar or long unclear words, just the name of Jesus in all simplicity.

I hope that you enjoy the song as much as we do when you listen to it. I pray that the rest of your week and years are blessed and filled with the power and glory of the name of Jesus, Amen!

God bless,

1nebody Team