Welcome to another beautiful week. It’s meditation Monday and I am happy to be sharing again this week. I pray that we will all be blessed by it, in Jesus name, Amen.

What does it mean to you to live a good life? I know the meaning is very relative but I find it funny that we go in circle, chasing after irrelevant things, worldly wisdom, to enjoy a decent life. Meanwhile the only thing we need to do is to follow God’s word. I used the word funny because the latter seems to me like the easier thing to do.

I believe Proverbs 3 sums up the important things we should focus our time and energy on to enjoy a fulfilled life. Let’s unpack the chapter:

  • Verses 1-2 talk about living by his teachings and commands which in essence is the the WORD OF GOD – and in return, you get a long life, peace, and prosperity
  • Verses 3-4 say love in our hearts and being faithful bring favour before God and man – this is having love for and staying faithful to God, people, and everything we do
  • Verses 5-8 highlight complete trust in God will keep you in good health, mentally and physically, and the directions
  • Verses 9-10 talk about cheerful giving to God and everything that concerns him and you will never lack anything
  • Verses 13-26 crown it all with wisdom and understanding – they give you all of these things that I already mentioned above. With these 2, you have a good sense of judging situations and are empathetically aware and tolerant

We all must have heard, at some point or another, of the importance of seeking out God’s word for situations in our lives. And I don’t know about you but, sometimes, I find it challenging finding out exact passages that speak to my situation. During these times, I would either google search for passages or on you version bible app, search on youtube for sermons in line with what I need, and recently, find answers from my devotional. My pastor would say, whenever you read your bible, ask yourself, where is God in this? Including those chapters about clans and descendants. Try to find God in every passage of the bible that you read, then finding him in situations of your life becomes easier. This is the ultimate secret to living a good life.

We should make it a habit to run to God’s word first whenever we need answers. I pray his grace will make this easy for us to build into a lifestyle, Amen!

God bless you,