Hello, amazing reader,

I hope the week has been nothing short of fulfilling. We will be reviewing a sermon by the powerful man of God, Myles Munroe. This message was at their 2003 end-of-the-year crossover service but it is still very much relevant and vital for us for the next half of 2022.

Everybody wants to succeed, including a criminal and that is why success must be redefined. This was the statement the minister started the sermon with. I’m sure if I asked you what success means to you, your definition will be totally different to mine. However, whatever definition you want to go by, Myles Munroe has a better meaning for you. He says that success has been misunderstood by many. How then does he define success?

These are some of the things that really stood out for me in the sermon:

  • Success is the potential destiny of all created things. Meaning, that we all have the potential to succeed. He likened this to a seed which I thought was a profound illustration. He said, “every seed has a tree in it and the potential success of that tree is in the seed.” So, your success is dependent on your current season, the next season after that, and on your everyday living. Your future lies in your today, to simply put it
  • Whoever you are born to be is inside you now and the potential of you succeeding depends on you realising all of those gifts trapped inside of you. In an unrelated sermon, Joyce Meyer says the best way to find your calling is to throw yourself at everything. Don’t be afraid to try different things because that’s the only way you will find all of the treasures buried inside of you
  • Success is the completion and successful fulfilment of the purpose of your existence. So, success must be measured by why you are created. Comparing what you have accomplished with others is the wrong way to measure success. Instead, success should be measured by what you have done compared to what you should or could have done. Success is all about fulfilling your own destiny
  • Expanding on purpose, the minister said what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. What does this mean? When we look back at past achievements or failures, they hinder us from letting go and reaching out. And on the other end, looking ahead, the uncertainty of the future scares us. So the minister encourages us to focus on the present, what we have inside of us now that we can use to fulfil our destiny. So, your now (present) should carry more importance than your past (which is dead) and the future (which is simply an unmanifested purpose) (Psalms 139:14-17; 1saiah 46:10). The more effective you are in your now, the more you will reveal in your future
  • Nobody is a mistake, everyone has been created for a purpose. God did not just create you to hold a job, pay the bills, and then die. This means we have greater assignments to carry out in this life beyond the 9-5 job. You need to find what you have been created for and stop living a simple life. You need to evolve into the person God has created you to be
  • Because, when you have a purpose for your life, it disciplines your behaviour and chooses your habits. That is, you have found meaning in your life, you have found something more important than any irrelevant habits.
  • The value of life is not in its duration but in its donation. You have been given time to fulfil your destiny (Ecc 3), so you need to live effectively. Your future is God’s past. The minister gave this illustration, no manufacturer makes a product without finishing it first. When something innovative comes to life, they must have presented what the future of that innovation would look like first and then they create a finished product for the present. So, whatever you are born to do, God finished first. This simply means that you carry your future with you every single day. Why not face the future with confidence because it is only a collection of time for what God has placed in you to be revealed

This is a reminder for me that it is not too late to change my orientation for the rest of 2022. The minister says you can make a year look like 5 years. I am making a decision today, to do so much that the remaining half of my year 2022 will look like 5 years. I will live effectively and efficiently from now, onwards. I will encourage you to listen to this powerful message yourself, don’t take my word for it. I pray that your life will be transformed by it in Jesus name, Amen!

God bless,

1nebody Team