Hello everyone,

Welcome back! I hope you are all having a productive week. It is #ReviewThursday and I have a word for you, let’s go straight into it.

In this week’s meditation post, I briefly mentioned a sermon by Joyce Meyer on peaceful mind and I thought I would share more about that on this week’s #ReviewThursday.

The message is a compilation of 2 different sermons on the mind from the Minister’s Enjoying Everyday Life web series. The compilation is only a little over an hour and are both interrelated that you almost don’t notice the transition.

Joyce made it clear that the mind is very powerful and an important area to enjoying an everyday life. Reading from Ephesians 4:22-24, she spoke on different ways in which enjoying a peaceful mind can be hindered and ways in which we can keep our minds continually renewed, just as the bible commands. I am going to share a few things that stood out for me.

The Minister encourages us to spend time daily thinking about the word of God. You know how we constantly worry and think over a decision we must make or an interview or a business meeting that we had? So, she asked, how much time do you spend on thinking about the word in a day? Instead of worrying over what we can’t control, she admonishes thinking about the scriptures that we’ve read, intentionally taking out time in your day to remember and think on that. This is one way to fight a distrubing mind and bring some peace to your mind.

This leads me to what she mentioned as a true killer of the mind, excessive reasoning. We just must figure something out, right? We just have to find the answer, am I right? Well, when you worry so much about something, it leads to excessive reasoning and all that would do for you is lead to even more confusion. Joyce said excessive reasoning prevents discernment and causes confusion. According to Oxford dictionary, reasoning is thinking about something in a logical and sensible way. We forget that God’s ways are not ours, so, no matter how long you try to figure some things out, it just won’t help or make sense. And Joyce made a good point when she said not making a decision and choosing to think long and hard about something is still a decision. So, why not leave the reasoning to God and just set your mind on his promises?

The Minister said that we owe it to God to have and live the best life we can, and a good life means having a healthy and sound mind. So, we have to be more intentional with having a renewed mind, perspective, and spirit, day after day. To cast out all fears and timidity, we must put our minds on the word of God, what God is saying to us per day, and forget what we think we know or what people around us think they know.

God bless,