Dear Reader,

I apologise for bringing this to you late. Happy new month, I pray for fresh anointing, new visions, redirections in the remaining months of 2022; you’ll achieve and go beyond whatever you set out to do at the start of the year. The year has not ended yet; you can and will experience the power of God in your life before the end of 2022.

Last Sunday, the Pastor at my church asked a question, are you surrounded by a cloud of witnesses or a cloud of spectators (Heb 11:32-12:2)? I remember when he said that, I paused for a moment and wondered what he meant. Well he went ahead to explain the two.

A witness is someone that has been there; gone through what you are going through, that has seen the power of God at play in their life. A witness is not someone that heard a rumour about it, read a book about it, or has an opinion about it.

On the other hand, spectators have not been in the situation, they simply talk about what they would have done if they were in that position or situation, they haven’t experienced the move of God for themselves but they speculate about it.

The Pastor said something very powerful, “spectators talk a lot more than witnesses.” I want you to ponder on that for a little while longer and think of people who always have something to say about everything, those that always seem to know it all, they have an opinion about everything. Are these the people that you let lead the affairs of your life?

In an unrelated story, I was listening to Joyce Meyer preach about peace of mind and she said when we feel lost or confused, we often feel the need to ask for people’s opinion rather than seek God’s word. And even though there is nothing wrong with asking people’s advice, she described two types of people. First is the person you ask and they go “well, off the top of my head…” The second person, on the other hand is the one that would take time to pray and think about what you have told them before they say anything.

People often confuse being smart and helpful with talking too much. It is not everything you need to have an opinion about. Be careful who you listen to and be careful who you go to for advice.

So, I ask you, who are you surrounded by? Witnesses or spectators? And which category do you also fall into? Are you surrounded by people that revere God, gained wisdom from their experiences with God, and seek His face as much as you do? Or people that think they know better than God, have a quicker answer off the top of their heads than from praying?

God bless,