Can you believe it is already the end of October? Wow, our God has been so faithful. As we step into the last 2 months of 2022, I pray that we will experience God like we have never done before. It will be our best 2 months in the year 2022, in Jesus name, Amen.

Today’s meditation is inspired by a devotional that I just started reading. The devotional is titled Making Decisions with Faith and Confidence and what we are discussing today is one of the topics on that devotional. I am sharing this because it helped me to see making decisions and seeking the help of the Holy Spirit in a new and practical light.

The anchor scriptures were taken from Romans 8: 14 and 18. Talking about being led by the Holy Spirit because we are sons and daughters of God and we know this because the Holy Spirit testifies with our spirit. But we all know how tricky and confusing making decisions can be sometimes, especially when you have a few interesting options.

Should I or should I not? What is God saying in this? Is the Holy spirit directing me to do this? These are some of the countless back and forth questions that fill our minds when we must make important decisions but are unsure. I mean, uncertainty is why everything becomes complicated. If we were all sure, we won’t be here discussing this.

So, this is the practical solution the devotional gave, when you are in this position next time, simply try on your decisions. You know how you try on new clothes and shoes you like and want to buy but just to be sure it’s the right fit or it suits you, you try it on? That is exactly what you should do with your decisions. Try on your decisions before making them. For example, try on what it feels if you resigned from that job and then how does it feel if you don’t. God has blessed us with very smart and intelligent minds, so, often times we can tell when something feels right and when it doesn’t, with the help of the Holy Spirit of course.

The sweetest part of this practical step is that you give the Holy Spirit something to testify to. As you are trying your decisions on, the Holy Spirit becomes that friend that you chat with when you are trying on your “would be” evening dress when you trying to get their opinion. Ask the Holy Spirit which decision is the right one for you. Using the example earlier, Holy Spirit, I am going to quit this job, what do you think? Then wait to see the signs he is giving you or ways in which he is responding to your question. Then, a day or so after, you go again, ok, Holy Spirit, I am not going to quit the job and see which one the Holy Spirit is testifying to, where he is directing you to.

Basically, keep trying on those decisions and asking the Holy Spirit until you arrive at the one that fits.

God bless,