Hello Amazing Reader,

Are you ready for the Lord’s return? That is, when Jesus returns, will He take you home with Him?

Today, there are tons of activities that get us pre-occupied and we tend to forget the main goal. In fact, a good number of them could be religious-based. But after all said and done, only one thing will matter – did you accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior? When the Book of Life is opened, will your name be there?

This skit by the Winlos is a wonderful reminder that Jesus is coming soon. No, it’s not a cliché, He is coming back again.

You are welcome to repent, or rededicate your life to Christ after watching this. God is willing and ready to accept you, but that can only happen if you repent.

If you’d like to give your life to Christ, please pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I acknowledge that I am a
sinner.  I confess my sins and ask for
your forgiveness. I welcome you Jesus into my heart, as my Lord and personal savior.
I believe that you are Christ the son of God. Help me to live for you from this
day onward. Heaven is my goal and I will not miss it, in Jesus name. 

We’re happy to speak with you further about your new faith. Please send us a mail at 1nebodyblog@gmail.com today with any questions or clarifications.

Jesus loves you deeply.

God’s blessings always,