Hello, Amazing Readers,

We are sorry for the disruption you have been experiencing on our website in the past few days. We could not share a post for #MeditationMonday due to some system trespasses beyond our control that required extra attention. But we thank God for his hand in the situation and we are glad to be back. I hope you are having a blessed week so far.

On review today is a beautiful song by Lawrence Oyor featuring Sunmisola Agbebi. It is a very simple song that, in my interpretation, represents a yielded heart that is in absolute surrender to the King of all kings. The first line goes;

"My Daddy, My Daddy, your baby is singing, I will be singing, and dancing, and chanting for the rest of eternity." 

The lyrics are simple and childlike yet so powerful. They beautifully paint the love that you have and should express for your Heavenly Father.

I stumbled on this song some weeks ago and it has quickly risen to one of the top songs that I listen to when I want to meet my Darling Dad (as one of my Pastors calls God) in the secret place. I like the song mostly because after a long and stressful day, it brings me back to what matters – his presence, in total adoration of God. Listening to it brings back to my recollection Psalm 24:1 (my anchor scripture for 2023) that nothing else matters! Not the hard or great days I’ve had, nor the wonderful things/events I am looking forward to in the year. A reminder that the EARTH, the WORLD, and everything in it, absolutely all you can name belong to HIM. How marvellous to be reminded that he is my DADDY and I belong to him for all eternity. Mindblowing right?!

It is indeed a love song about the majestic nature and power of God. I pray that this song blesses you and reconnects your heart today to your first love.

God bless,