Hello Amazing Reader,

Happy Thursday. Trust it’s been a great day for you. Thank you for joining today’s review. On today’s review is a four-day old song by Darasimi and Lawrence Oyor. It was released on 26th March 2023. Let’s get to it.

Are familiar with 911? The emergency line you can call in most countries to get help. While the response rate may vary across countries, this emergency number is supposed to get one quick help.

This song begins with the following lines.

Jesus you’ve found a 911 lover
Commander you’ve found a 911 soldier
Jesus you’ve found a 911 vessel
My darling you’ve found a 911 friend

That is to say, Jesus has found one He can call on whenever and He’s sure to get a response. Not just a response, but a swift response.

Is this the case with you? Can Jesus count on you? Or do you have 1,001 reasons as to why you may not be available?

This is a song of surrender to Jesus. You’re letting Him know you are His 911; always ready and available to respond to His leading. It’s not a careless statement to make though. It’s one you must mean sincerely.

Besides the message of the song, I think the animation and acting are also excellently done. Look how Jesus identifies people one after the other, calling them to reach out to someone in need. While some shrugged Him off, a few responded swiftly. It’s beautiful to see a similitude of how God gets His work done on earth.

Thank you, Darasimi and Lawrence Oyor, for this wonderful delivery. We can’t fail to appreciate the Davidic Generation Church and Mount Zion music studios also.

I sincerely love what God is doing with the Mike-Bamiloye family. It’s great to see all the children and their spouses serving God in various capacities. Talk about a blessed generation. I pray they all finish strong in Jesus name.

I’d recommend listening to 911 several times over, until obedience becomes a lifestyle for you and I.

God’s blessings always,


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