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How’s October coming along for you?

On today’s review edition, it is my absolute delight to let you in on our podcast, Seasons. Since it launched in January 2023, we have had the privilege of having several guests share personal testimonies of how God came through for them in various aspects of life.

In the latest episode, our guest, Ayomide Olatunji shares on an unexpected battle with delayed conception. She speaks to the challenges herself and her husband faced, what they did (spiritually and medically), and how they eventually came out triumphant.

Are you going through a similar challenge? Or maybe you know someone who is, please share this episode with them.

You are welcome to listen to previous episodes as well, they’ll bless you and build your faith for the delivery of your testimonies. When your testimonies manifest, please share them. You can share it in the comments, or send a mail.

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