Hello People,

I apologize for bringing this to you late, my routine since the website went offline has become a little rusty. I hope your week has been going on really well and I pray that you will finish this week better than you started it. This year will end on a glorious note for you in Jesus name, Amen!

Up for the review today is a popular song, I hope it is :), by Sunmisola Agbebi. The song is in Yoruba, one of the three major languages spoken in Nigeria. Sunmi is a fast rising hardcore worshipper and minister of God.

The song is very simple with not a lot of words. ‘Bu Ola (B’ola)’ literally means to give honor or glory. In Yoruba, it’s a common word used for Kings, royalties. And in this song, Sunmi uses this word to reverence God. The first line of the song says ‘aye mi b’ola fun o, Jesu’ which, in literal translation, means my life gives you honor, Jesus. 

These are not just words, it is a powerful song because Sunmi is denoting that everything about her; her whole life, her values, her beliefs, her failures, her successes, ALL of it, glorify God. Through this song she surrenders all to God and pledges to lead a live worthy of God’s name. A life that honors the one true King, Jesus because He is the one that gave us life. He is the master orchestrator. He knew us before we were and He has plans for us beyond what our situation right now is saying.

So, yes, it is a call to live for God. Let all that you do and stand for bring glory to His name. Let your words and actions reflect the glory of God that draws others in. Let your life Bu Ola fun Jesu (honor God), that is the least you can do.

God bless,