Hello Everyone,

Today, I will be reviewing this movie by one of Mount Zion’s well-known actors and allies, Seun Adejumobi. If you’ve seen The Train by Mount Zion, then you know him. The movie is titled Second Vow and it is over an hour long, roughly an hour and a half.

From the title, you probably can guess that the movie follows the story of a couple, young couple blessed with a daughter. However, the problem was, that the wife nagged a lot and this almost cost her her marriage, family and walk with God. They were portrayed as believers but the wife lacked that exemplary gentle nature a true Child of God should have.

I am going to go over my key takeaways by highlighting the wife’s shortcomings that I hope we can all learn from.

1.     The wife nagged a lot because she didn’t trust her husband. So, he basically could do no right by her. This lack of trust is actually deeply rooted in her lack of trust in God to give her this man she called her husband. There was a scene where she confronted her husband about a mutual friend that she believed he liked and he only approached her cause that friend refused him. The husband then said to her that he came to her in the name of the Lord, but she had nothing to say. (You will have to watch it to get the full gist).

2.     The confrontation I was speaking of in the first point above actually takes me to point two, she had a warped belief of her worth from the very beginning of the relationship. When you don’t trust your partner, now join that with low self-esteem, that combination would make anyone nag. She went into the marriage thinking she was a second choice. She thought her husband wanted her friend, but only came to her cause he couldn’t have the friend. This I believe is also a representation of what she believed her self-worth in God was. She probably was more about getting married than seeking God’s approval over who she was to marry. If she had really sought God’s opinion about her husband, I believe she would have gotten the conviction that she needed that indeed this was God’s chosen for her.

3.     The last point is, where was the place of prayer and communication in all of this? Proverbs 14:1 says a wise woman builds her house and the foolish one tears it apart. This woman was the latter. The movie never gave us the impression that she was praying concerning the issues they were having. She would always complain and get angry at the slightest things her husband did but she could have taken it all to God in prayer. If it was trust, ask God to help her trust her husband more. If she was irritated by her husband, she could take that to God in prayer too, for God to create opportunities for love and trust to grow in their home.

These are only a few, there were so many other lessons I learnt from this movie. I encourage you all to watch it, both married and single, and I pray that you will be blessed by it. Please feel free to come back to share your lessons in the comment section once you’ve seen it.

God bless,