Hello Amazing Reader,

Welcome to our first review session for the year. Today, we’re reviewing the recently concluded WOFBEC 2024 hosted by The Covenant Nation.

Did you attend any of the sessions? I joined some of the sessions online and I can testify that there was a fresh baptism of the spirit of faith on my life. Every aspect of the convention was spirit-filled: the praise and worship, special worship ministrations from the guest ministers, the word sessions, and healing ministrations.

Here are some of the lessons I picked from the various sessions:

  • My God is a generous God. He desires to give His children good gifts.
  • Without a grace mindset, I cannot receive from God.
  • Generosity is not a state of the pocket, it is a state of the heart. When your heart is generous, your pocket will always catch up.
  • There is a realm of intimacy you build with God where challenges can no longer survive.
  • God desires to hear a sound (praise) from me always irrespective of the circumstance. Amid that sound, He causes me to hear His voice.
  • Goodness and mercies are following me, so I expect to be favoured everywhere I go.
  • Nothing happens by chance. If I let any unwanted event slide, I’m opening the door for more of such.
  • My faith does not move God, it moves mountains.

As earlier stated, these are only a few lessons I picked. I plan to re-watch the sessions from the beginning, to absorb all I can. I encourage you to do likewise. You can find the sessions on the WOFBEC channel on YouTube.

Also, WOFBEC 2025 has been scheduled for January 5th-12th 2025, with the theme, “Faith, the Believer’s Voice of Authority.” I strongly recommend marking your calendars and planning to attend next year’s conference.

Meanwhile, can we say a word of prayer over the host of WOFBEC, Pastor Poju Oyemade. Sir, we pray for you that the anointing of God on your life will never run dry, in Jesus name.

Let’s continue our prayers in the comments. You can also share your lessons from the sessions.