Hello Everyone,

I hope the week has been tremendously smooth for you. Either way, we thank God for everything and His constant presence through it all. Ok, let’s dive in.

I will be reviewing this song that I just came across this week and I haven’t stopped listening since then. I mean, I can’t stop, lol. I particularly love this song because it is all I am trying to achieve this year. I know that’s quite an ambition and goal I have got there, given the title lol. It is also safe to say that trying to be more like Jesus is not a 1-year goal, it is a lifetime ambition. However, making it my goal for this year is a good start.

I am not too far off or outdated cause the song was actually released in 2023. I would have been so disappointed if it had been released a long time and I am only just hearing it, lol. The song is off One Voice INT Music’s album titled ‘The Table.’ Ok, I must confess, I have just heard of One Voice INT Music and now, I know I will be all over this album for the next few days or so, lol.

The song starts with this verse;

I’ve been told to live my own truth

Do whatever makes me feel good

Get rid of boundaries, the rules are stifling

Chase good feelings, soon we’ll be gone.

This verse resonates deeply with me because how many times have we heard this? Again, and again, speak your truth, they say. Live your truth! Another modern way of saying ‘be the captain of your own ship.’ No, God is the captain of my ship, of my life. I know no other truth except that of God. That is the only truth I will speak and live.

As Christians and believers, we need to be careful of following the bandwagon, going with the ‘culture’ that is contrary to the things of God. On the surface, it looks right. I mean, it is right. There is nothing wrong with living your truth or captaining your own ship. But there is a huge difference between right and Godly, God-led, or God-aligned.

I pray that as you listen to this song, it moves you closer to God like it did me. Praise be to God because He has saved me from myself!

God bless,