Jesus Iyeee, you have done it again... 

Are you singing along already? The convener of the Hallelujah Challenge, Pst Nathaniel Bassey will be leading God’s people across the world in a time of intense praise and worship, intercessory prayers, and personal prayers for the duration of the challenge.  

For the benefit of persons who haven’t joined any of the previous sessions, please visit the Hallelujah Challenge website to learn about its purpose and objectives. There are also numerous testimonies on the website that will spur your faith and guide you towards setting your expectations for the upcoming edition. 

While we wait excitedly for this, please remember to pray for Pst Nathaniel Bassey, his family, and the entire Hallelujah challenge team. God will anoint them afresh and make them first partakers of the blessings He has prepared for this edition, in Jesus name.  

Also, please invite others. God saves souls through this platform. Do keep an eye on the Hallelujah Challenge Instagram page for updates. 

God bless you,

The 1nebody Team