Happy New Month 1nebody family! Welcome to February. May we all experience the grace of God like never before in this month of February, in Jesus name, Amen.

Today, I will be reviewing Dami’s second book, Godly Seeds. For those who are new here or who do not know, Dami is the founder of 1nebody and the one who God gave the mandate of revealing Jesus through various platforms such as this blog, and her books. Ok, let’s dive into the review.

First, let me just stress that this a really short read, a little over 60 pages. So, time is not an excuse 😉, it should take you about a day or two to download the divine revelations in this book. It is 9 chapters long with some cherries on top 😂, if you know what I mean. 2 extra chapters at the end of the book filled with the testimonies of different women who saw the hand of God in their experiences and a call to salvation.

Ok, since that’s out of the way, I can share my key takeaways. I won’t go into great details because I want you to read the book for yourself. As you must have already guessed from the title, the book is about raising and nurturing Godly seeds, children. On the surface it may look like a book ideal for only parents and parents-to-be, however, I think anyone and everyone should read it whether or not you plan to have kids.

The overarching theme I observed throughout the book is how, through the help of God, the inspiration of the Holy spirit, and our made-up minds, we can have exactly the kind of experience we want during childbirth and in raising children. This book negates the common notion and popular belief that childbirth has to come with a lot pain, trauma, and sometimes depression. Or, that raising children have to be burdensome leading to a lot negative tension in the family. Of course, the author made it clear that achieving the opposite of this notion and belief requires a lot of faith and trust in God and a lot of work on our part. It won’t come easy; you have to believe God and fight for it

I see this book as a guideline which the author, through her experiences and those of other women, has put down to show ways in which we must act and live to enjoy the blessings of God. My key takeaway is that this can be applied to anything in life not just childbearing and parenting. In order to enjoy the grace of God, you have to change your beliefs and mindset, win the battle first in your mind. Some of the revelations in the book might seem obvious and you may say “we already know these things.” Well, why do you not apply these things if you already know them? This book is a spiritual awakening and a reminder of the grace we can enjoy just by serving and knowing God the right way.

The book itself is easy to read. The chapters are concise with some visual illustrations in between that serve as boosters and powerful quotes that highlight some of the important lessons from that chapter. You can get the book on amazon for a token. I hope that you will be blessed as you read it and I pray for the grace to nurture the Godly seeds placed in our care.

God bless,