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Happy Thursday 😊 (because every day is a happy day). Trust your week has been wonderful? 

Up for today’s review is the latest Seasons podcast episode, ‘Developing a personal walk with God.’ If you have a child around you, one of your expectations is to see the child attain certain milestones at a particular age. For example, according to WebMD, most babies walk between 10-18 months. When a child becomes way past this period, and yet isn’t showing any signs of walking, the parents/caregivers are concerned, and reasonably so. 

Similarly, God our father has expectations of us. He desires us to attain certain milestones as we grow in Him. When we don’t, He is not pleased.  

There’s a difference between struggles and challenges. Struggles are not what you need, but there are some challenges that God himself puts on your journey so you can grow. 

Enitan okediji

In this episode of the Seasons podcast, Enitan shares insights about her personal walk with God. She emphasizes that what works for her in terms of growth tools may be helpful to others, but God adopts an individualistic approach with all His children. She identifies the following as some of the platforms that spur her growth: 

  • Worship  
  • Studying the word 
  • Listening to messages 
  • Being vulnerable to the Holy Spirit 
  • Reading books 

Listen to this insightful episode to learn more about Enitan’s personal journey.  

It’d be great to hear from you as well. What platforms help you grow? Please share in the comments. 

God’s blessings always,