Hello people of God,

Have you heard of Bible Quiz? It is a Christian game show on YouTube. Let me take a step back. Bible Quiz is trans-denominational, and it is facilitated by Zion Kulture, a subsidiary of Mount Zion Radio. If you know Mount Zion, you know they are big on changing the media as we know it, saturating it with the things of God. The game show is in stages of groups, semi-final and final. 16 churches will come together to compete, and there will be only 1 winner. The game show started in March, and is currently in group stages.

The next episode will stream tomorrow, 17th March at 4 pm WAT on YouTube. House on the Rock and Davidic Generation Church will be battling it out. I think it is a good program to watch to test your own bible knowledge and learn in the process. To watch, go on Zion Kulture YouTube channel.

God bless,