Hello everyone,

We have come to the end of another week and gradually coming to the end of Q1. Time does wait for no one. I hope the months have been productive. I pray God shows up mightily for you in your expectations before the end of the first quarter, in Jesus name, Amen.

On review today is this powerful spoken word I was introduced to a few days ago. Thank you, Victoria Bajeh! I love to write poems, it’s been a while now though, and I find spoken word or word play quite interesting. This is what I want you to do. I want you to read through the lyrics as you listen, then read it out loud to yourself without the audio playing.

This is how to walk on water

First, see someone doing it

Arrange your sight and align your mind

Say to yourself, if it can be done, then I can do it

Nothing under the face of the earth is new

Next, abolish fear

It will come with gnarling teeth, demanding your attention

I need you to ignore it

Come out of the boat, insult your doubts and stand

As you stand, you will feel your knees buckle as this is unfamiliar ground

Embrace the wind that is threatening to knock your head off

Assert your dominance in this new place

Speak to this place

Say to yourself

I deserve to be here

I stand on the authority of the one in whose footsteps I follow

I take charge of this space, this place

This will not drown me

This will not overtake me

This will not envelope me

The boat might be comfortable but you were made for more

Stand your ground, it will shake and make to break you

But remind this pedestal that it is your red carpet

Lift up your head and stand

Then and only then, take a step

This is the part when fear hooks your throat

And everything around you gathers in resistance

Remember you are not alone

You are held. You are helped. You are graced for this

And when you falter, remember

Peter may have drowned

But he’s the only other man who walked on water

My prayer is that when we look back on the year on 31st December, may we all be thankful and smile knowing that we stepped out in faith in obedience to God, no matter the outcome. Yes, Peter may have drowned but at least he set out in faith in obedience to Jesus. My takeaway from this is, if you want to overcome and succeed in whatever you do or aspire to do, make Jesus your example, your representation, and focus only on Him!

God bless,