Hello Amazing Reader, 

How is your week coming along? I pray you experience notable testimonies before the week ends in Jesus name. 

Up for today’s review is The Cruise —a newly released movie by Mount Zion movies and RCCG, The Kings Palace. Please come along. 

The central theme of this movie is family restoration. Rose and Frederick are empty nesters (parents with adult children who have left the home). Their two children, Luke and Nathaniel, are married and have their own families. They are also pastors in their respective churches, but they were constantly at loggerheads and argued at the slightest opportunity. 

This became a concern to their elderly parents. They were deeply worried about how the relationship between their sons continued to deteriorate. To restore peace between them, their dad invited them to a family cruise. Through the word of God and the wisdom of God which the parents applied, Luke and Nathaniel’s relationship was restored during the cruise. 

The movie addresses the subject of sibling rivalry, which is a concern in many homes. Even Christian homes as was the case here. I also like that it portrays the picture of elderly couples as friends, not just house mates. Rose and Frederick display a beautiful friendship despite being married for 35 years. 

I encourage you to watch this movie. I believe it will restore and heal your relationships—whether as an elderly couple, a sibling, or even a friend. It’s less than 40 minutes and freely available to watch on YouTube. 

God bless you, Mount Zion Ministries. Greater grace is released to you for greater works, in Jesus name.

God’s blessings always,


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