Happy New Month, everyone! God will perfect all that concerns us this month, and He will surprise us in ways that we couldn’t ever think possible in Jesus name, Amen.

This year has been such a wonderful and challenging year for me. I am in a season of change. God is taking me through some changes; introducing me to new levels and instructing me to take unusual steps and actions.

A few days ago, I got updates on a few commitments I had put myself forward for, and it was beginning to look scary. I started to ask myself, and God, what I had gotten myself into because I didn’t think I have the capacity for all the commitments. I started thinking, maybe I should just go back to my old way of doing the same thing, the bare minimum, at least that way, I’d be sure not to disappoint anybody. The Holy Spirit reminded me that disappointment comes when I do things to please people, and gain their validation. He reminded me that I have Him, and God is not an authoritarian. He stretches me to the extent to which He knows I can and willing to be stretched per season. He reminded me of Deuteronomy 2:2 MSG and I have written this short poem God placed in my heart (remember I said I used to write poems, a bit rusty now, so, please, be kind to me 😊). I hope it blesses you, but most importantly, I pray that the message it carries fulfils that which God has sent it for in Jesus name, Amen.

Then God said, you’ve been going around in circles in these hills long enough; go North

The heavy sigh of relief and gratitude

Finally breaking free, finally moving on

Now, God has seen my struggles, He has seen my failed efforts

I no longer have to go in circles

I am changing trajectory

Finally progressing

Go North!

Then, the deep ache in my heart as it sinks

Eyes popping open, the sudden realization

I don’t know the North, I’m not familiar with this place

Imaginations and thoughts running wild now

Fear, slowly setting in

What if the North devours me?

What if I’m better off going in circles?

What’s in the North?

The excitement of breakthrough and progression

Slowly turning to the fear of change and the unknown

The North is unfamiliar grounds

I didn’t realize going North comes with new instructions

New commitments, new sacrifices

But, give it all you can and trust the Lord

Follow the path He is setting before you

Explore and discover the North

Though a new territory

You are not alone

Though fear is slowly creeping in

God has instructed you

Go North!

P.S. Answered prayer is change. Change comes with a new territory different from what you are used to, and a lot of unfamiliar concepts that seem exciting at first but can as quickly become overwhelming and scary. However, God is with you. He will never leave you, so, don’t let fear stop you from going North.

God bless,