Good evening, 1nebody community,

I hope you have all had a blessed week. The remaining 2 – 3 days in this week will end gloriously in Jesus name, Amen!

Last Saturday at our 1nebody book club session, we discussed this sermon by Pastor Faith Oyedepo at the last Shiloh on Thanksgiving. I was really blessed by this sermon because it was very simple, clear, and straightforward. I will encourage you to watch and listen, and trust me, it will change your perspective for the rest of the year, and I dare say life. Your desire to engage in thanksgiving will become heightened and reawakened.

Pastor Faith Oyedepo stressed early on in the sermon that like everything else, thanksgiving is a choice that we must make day in, day out, while thanklessness is a plague. You have to make the decision, and stand by it, to be thankful to God at all times, and in every situation.

Why Then Do You Think We Must Be Thankful?

  1. God deserves our thanksgiving: Here, I really like how the preacher made all of us come to the realisation of how much we take for granted. She elaborated on the fact that we have 76 organs and for most people, all 76 organs are working. If at all, at least more than 1 of those organs are working. Therefore, since we do not have any part to play in how these organs function, that alone is a reason to stay thankful. Sadly, most of the time we are ungrateful, we complain because we forget and take the daily blessings of God for granted.
  2. Life is a gift: Jesus did ask once during his numerous teachings if anyone can add a day to their lives by worrying. The truth is, the way we worry and complain sometimes is as if we have control or have something relevant to add. Did you know that your heart beats more than 100,000 per day? I didn’t know that, and when Pastor Faith asked us to multiply that by our age, I did the math and that simple exercise renewed my attitude towards Thanksgiving.

What Thanksgiving Does

  1. It preserves
  2. It multiplies
  3. It perfects
  4. It provokes the continuous flow of oil which in turn makes you flourish in and out of season
  5. It provokes divine intervention
  6. You are strengthened supernaturally
  7. The prophetic word is provoked to be fulfilled

In addition to this sermon, in the 1nebody book club, this year, we started monthly spiritual exercises to build us up and push our faith and walk with God. And this month, the exercise is #ThankYouJesus which is simply like this sermon reminds us, to engage intentionally in thanksgiving no matter what the circumstances are saying.

God bless,