Hello Amazing Reader,

How are you today and how has your week been? It’s three days to the second half of 2024. I hope you’re looking forward to a successful close of the first half and a more glorious H2.

Last weekend, I finished reading this book by Jerry Savelle. Since then, I have been telling everyone about it, and I thought to share with you as well because it is too great a resource to keep to myself.

The book begins with the story of how Jerry Savelle received God’s call on his life at age 10. Then he shares a detailed account of how six men (Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth E. Hagin, Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn, Harold Nichols, Dave Malkin) impacted his life.

The accounts from each of these men were so elaborate that I wondered if Jerry Savelle knew that he would later write a book about them. As I read on, I discovered that he was conscious about having the mind of Christ, and so he didn’t expect to forget things, events, songs, or anything at all.

From Kenneth Copeland, he learned about ministry. Kenneth E. Hagin taught him how to walk in love. Oral Roberts showed him how to eliminate small thinking. Harold Nichols was an example of a joyful believer and Dave Malkin taught him about one-on-one evangelism.

Jerry shared how God brought him in contact with these men of God at various seasons in his life. He cherished these men regardless of what others said or felt about them. While some of them were popular, a few were not, but it did not impact the honor Jerry and his wife, Carolyn had for them. He had the privilege of experiencing the private lives of these men of faith, and ensured he never missed a chance to glean from their wisdom.

In the last chapter of the book, Jerry and Carolyn shared their experiences with these men and their uncommon spouses.

If you cherish godly relationships and want to learn how to nurture them, I strongly recommend you read this book. It’s still available for free download on the Jerry Savelle Ministries International (JSMI) website.

Hurry, download a copy, read, imbibe and be sure to share with others as well.

God’s blessings always,