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Today, I would like you to meet an amazing worshipper of God who draws inspiration to create from the place of worship. In her words, God told me “you were created to create.”
1nebody: Can we get to know you?
MP: My name is Faith Emmanuel.A graduate of Building Technology from Covenant University,Nigeria. I am the CEO of Made_Perfect brand and Adava.
1nebody: Incredible! Are those two different companies?
MP: No, not exactly. Adava is a different brand.It’s the name of the shoeline while Made_Perfect is for the accesories.
1nebody: Maybe we should back up a bit.Can you give a brief overview of the brands. When,how they started?
MP: Okay. I had always loved to build, create and make things new. I was already into crafts and I called it fa8 krafties.In 2013,God showed me Psalm 139 that says we are wonderfully and perfectly made.That’s how Made_perfect came about. For an overview of the brand; Made Perfect is a Nigerian-based firm that makes shoes, bag and other fashion items using locally sourced materials like Ankara, leather, and aso oke.

1nebody: What has it been like so far?
MP: It has been full of experiences and has made me stronger than i thought (laughs).I never even knew that I am this strong.This journey has increased my faith in God because the things God tells me and I imagine could not have been done in my human capacity.
1nebody: Has it been a smooth sail then?
MP: (Laughs) No way.There are days I run from picking clients calls.Days that I would question if I am doing what God has assigned me to do. Days I would be pressured to give up. Days I get to make in bulk.Days I would use my personal money to grow the business. It’s been a variety for me.
1nebody: I can imagine.What has kept you going and how have you handled the pressure to give up?
MP: I have had two different ocassions when I was crying and wanted to just quit,because things were not moving as fast as I thought.I decided to call all my clients and tell them am not doing any made perfect again.Immediately a call came in.The caller said whatever I do, I should keep doing it, that she sees my works and all. She said something else that stuck with me. “It may tarry, but it will come to pass.”There are other times that I get confirmation from those I don’t know. I also encourage myself a lot by going back to the word God gave me “created to create”

1nebody: Wow.Really deep one.How do you get inspiration?
MP: Most of the inspiration actually comes through worship. The first time I noticed was during a worship session in school.I discovered I was writing some things down which looked almost impossible to reach then. I checked the book some years later only to discover that I had started doing exactly what I wrote.I also pray for three things before starting out on any job: beauty, perfection and excellence.When it seems like I am running low on ideas in the middle of a job, I take a break and switch to worship.
1nebody: You mean you pray before you start a job?
MP: Certainly. If I don’t, I will either be slow or not get it right. It’s more like a chant to me now.
1nebody: So your works are a product of worship and prayers.
MP: Yes but it’s good I mention that I had to sharpen my skills in the shoe making aspect.I had to learn that bit.

1nebody: What a faith-filled testimony.Thanks for your time.We pray you greater grace for greater impact.
MP: God bless you 1nebody.Thanks for having me.