As is often said in the African parlance, “mine is different from ours.” When something is yours, you care for it deeply. You cherish it and deliberately ensure its safety. The reverse is the case when it belongs to you and a couple of other persons; you may care for it but definitely not as much since others have also got stake involved. There’s the tendency to feel others should also look out for its safety, right?

In Deuteronomy 32:9-15, the Bible relays the turnaround testimony of Jacob. Yes, the same one who deceived his father and got the blessing instead of his brother, Esau. God found him in a desert and thereafter decided to take him on as his responsibility.  Deuteronomy 32: 9 (the Message Version) says, ”  But God himself took charge of his people, took Jacob on as his personal concern .” That was the beginning of Jacob’s testimony.

From the state of emptiness in which God found him, God began to show him love, He led him about, watched over him, guarded him from evil until He won Jacob’s heart over other gods; ” God alone led him; there was not a foreign god in sight.”

Jacob of the desert who was hungry, thirsty, parched suddenly became Jacob the rich. He was no longer eating just anything he found but choice cuts of lambs and goats. He was even feeding on honey from the rock. How amazing! Ever seen honey come out of a rock? That’s the beauty of God’s guidance.  You get to enjoy the best from the least likely places.

God wants to take you on as His personal concern in 2018 and beyond. He wants to lead you into your wealthy place but He is not willing to share His glory. He doesn’t want you constantly looking over your shoulder, seeking help from foreign gods.

There will be various seemingly open doors before you in your business, career, academics, relationship… name it. In the words of Bishop David Oyedepo, “not every open door is God’s door, some are traps in disguise” but you really would not know except you ask Him.

Have a fruitful week!
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God’s blessings always,