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In last week Saturday’s post  reference was made to this message. So, here is for the benefit of those who have not had the opportunity to watch it  ♥

This message focuses on “The kingdom principle of petitioning.” Here, the minister expounds on the subject of prayer, which he says is the most misunderstood yet the most important kingdom concept.  He further reveals that as important as this concept is, many believers do not how to pray; which is why although many pray, they do not receive answers to their petitions.

Dr Myles also referred to a striking statement by John Wesley which many may find difficult to come to terms with, “It seems that without God, man cannot and without man, God will not.”

This extremely robust quote means there has to be a partnership between heaven and earth before prayer can be answered.

Using Abraham and Moses as case studies, Pastor Myles explains that God would always need man’s permission before he can operate on earth. Abraham, a one-man army negotiated with God until he was able to rescue Lot and his family from being destroyed along with Sodom and Gomorrah.

Similarly, through Moses; God was able to rescue the Israelites from Egypt. Until Moses stretched his rod over the red sea, it did not part. After the Israelites had gone through, Moses stretched out his rod over the red sea again and this led to the complete defeat of Pharaoh’s chariots, horses and his horsemen. It’s clearer now right? God does need your permission to answer your prayers!

This message is an eye-opener for every believer who must prevail in the place of prayer. It lasts for about 60 minutes and is available to watch. It’s highly recommended for you.

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