Hello amazing you.Trust your week has been awesome. Thought to share a little more with you from this beautiful text. The first part is still available here if you are yet to catch up.

Here are some outstanding lines:
‘Most likely, you will meet your spouse whilst you are out fulfilling your purpose.’
‘ Don’t be fooled by the unscriptural belief which insinuates that ‘fighting’ and ‘making up’ make the relationship stronger.’
‘ Love is to be mutual and until intentions are stated, they are not to be assumed.’
‘The more you become involved sexually , the less likely you are to spend quality time talking about deep , significant subjects that really matter to your lives and future happiness.’
‘ In God’s arithmetic, it is a wholesome man and a wholesome woman that make a wholesome marriage.’
‘Singleness is about wholeness and personal wholeness is a necessary requirement for a successful marriage.’
Tempted to share more but let’s leave it here so you can read it too and get some wholeness capsules for yourself šŸ˜‰
God’s blessings always,