It’s Marchhhhhhhhh!! Happy new month amazing you. May the month deliver its good fruits to you in Jesus name.
We’re starting the month reminding ourselves that impossibility is nothing. This book  is certainly one of those ‘pushers’, that get you off your comfort zone. If you are yet to get started on your 2018 goals or you need some motivation to continue, this is dedicated to you with lots of ♥. Also, it’s been done by one of our guest reviewers; just for you.

This book challenged me just like it said it would. It made me conscious of the never ending process of stretching and resting in life. It caused me to reflect about my life and how EVERYTHING around me can be influenced to favour me once I trust in God 100%.

Throughout the book I was reminded that once I make wise decisions and seek God’s face, I’ll be sure to obtain victory over all. Trust in the Lord and remember not to focus on personal strengths and abilities but on His abilities. Let him take the wheel.

I learnt a lot a lot from the book. But here are some things I’ll like you to know to make you hunt for the nearest copy!

  • You can’t hang on to what you are and still be all you can be. Simply put, satisfaction is the enemy! Once you see yourself getting too comfortable after attaining something, you’re getting contented and that’s dangerous. What you need to do is acknowledge your present capacities, know what you can do, know what you have and then consciously stretch yourself to grow. Always do more than you did the last time. You may be tempted to shy away from new risks and victories by upholding your current successes and not reach for new victories. Run away from such thoughts.
  • God has preordained us to achieve greatness as his children and for us to settle for less is living below our potential. Imagine having the ability to do so much never actualizing it because you did not reach for more. Don’t shy away from doing more because of challenges. If you’re driven by vision, your vision is supposed to be bigger than you right? The only way to achieve it is to hold on to God. Remember that prayer is taking hold of God’s eagerness not overcoming God’s reluctance. God wants to help you reach your full potential (John 14:13-14)
  • Good leadership will require you to go on rides that no one else is willing to embark on. So be ready for those challenges. Welcome them. Be set to fail. We hear this often but have we ever thought about it? You’re telling me to put my all into a cause and have failure slap me right back, and still accept it? Yap…exactly. If you’re stretching, you’ll fail from time to time and that’s alright as long as you’re ready to examine the situation and reach for those heights again.
  • Small victories matter too. Make everyday a victory over something. Challenge yourself daily. It could be personal victories over habits, it could be building capacity or it could be breaking our own records. Just do more than you did the day before and see your life change for the better right before your eyes. It starts with the little things.
  • Wherever you are in life, under your feet is gold. The opportunities for your next level success are right where you are now. Start there and build your capacity little by little. If you see that goal or dream as one big thing, you may never believe you are ready. But if you examine and break it down, you can tackle it stage by stage. Look inwardly and outwardly. What you need is at your fingertips. All you need to do is discover it. Nothing will be attempted if all possible obstacles must first be removed. If you want every factor regarding your growth to be perfect before taking a risk, you may never accomplish anything. Start from right where you are and keep at it.

I’m tempted to go on and on but the plan is to provide you with a surface experience. Don’t forget that all those big dreams you have written down are nothing compared to your God’s capacity to deliver them.  Think of Philippians 4:13 and understand that all you need is to hold on to him to help you actualize your dreams.

Now go get the copy to acquire more knowledge. It’s available in soft and hard copies. The hard copies should be available in any average bookstore around you, selling for about $13.

Don’t forget to reach beyond the stars!

Precious Adeyemi
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