We’re back!!! Not like we were on a break though (laughs) but our interview sessions are here again and we’re more than delighted.

Our guest today has a message for you on preparing yourself for your blessings. Let’s find out who she is.1nebody: Could you do a brief introduction of yourself?

EMO: My name is Mrs. Evelyn Mentor-Oriere. I was born over twenty-five years ago into the family of Elder and Dcns. Toluwa Akame. I grew up a very happy and playful child (laughs) While in secondary school, I nursed the dream of becoming a medical doctor and today God has helped me to realize it.

1nebody: Great, so we can address you as Dr. Evelyn?

EMO: (Laughs) Well, yes you may.

1nebody: From your account of childhood, it sounds like you have a close knit and believing family?

EMO: Yes, I do and that is largely responsible for who I am today. My parents are dedicated members of my family’s Church. So, I grew up having the God-consciousness but it wasn’t until I got into the University that I gave my life to Christ.

1nebody: Can you share your new birth experience?

EMO: Sure. Like I said, I was already schooled in the Christian faith, having been born into a Christian family with Pastors. Even my grandfather was a Pastor (laughs) but later in life, I realized that did not amount to a personal walk. I asked Jesus into my heart in 2008 at a Church meeting where Bishop David Abioye (of Living Faith Church) ministered and made an altar call for souls. It has been a great experience for me since then.

1nebody: Praise God. Now to our major discussion but first, congratulations to you on your wedding which took place earlier this year.

EMO: Thank you.

1nebody: Can you share what qualities you looked out for in a spouse?

EMO: Strangely, I wasn’t so bothered about meeting ‘Mr. Right’; a typical anxiety that goes with spinsterhood. However, I desired a man with the qualities of a true husband and father, one whose life would inspire his wife and children.

1nebody: Good thing you weren’t anxious but apart from your potential spouse being a source of inspiration, what other qualities did you desire and did you take any steps in preparing yourself for the kind of man you asked God for?

EMO: First, my desire for a spouse was subtly made known to God when I started joining newly wedded couples during their wedding thanksgiving at Living Faith Church, Ekpoma. Whenever I did this I would tell God, “I thank you Lord for giving me my own loving husband”. I also remember asking God to give me one of His choice sons as a husband. Before my husband came my way, my father in the Lord had already started counseling me on what kind of man I should look out for. Also, my husband and I had been friends before he asked me out and within me, I had come to admire his sterling qualities and so saying yes to him was easy (laughs).

1nebody: (Laughs) This is getting interesting. What are these sterling qualities?

EMO: When we first met, I realized he was (still is) a voracious reader. This challenged me. I had to work on myself to keep up the pace. He bought me books as well and was helping me build myself. He also already had very impressive interpersonal skills which he displayed excellently whenever we had shaky moments during our relationship. In fact, I  was still in medical school when we met and I  was not ready to be married.  I had told myself that I wasn’t ready but I was taking steps towards marriage already (as mentioned above). In fact, my husband had to wait for me to finish medical school before we got married. This was barely three weeks after my final medical school examination. So my answer came at the nick of time.


1nebody: We haven’t talked about how you met, rather how he found you?

EMO: (laughs) I think my husband should be the one to tell how he found me (continues laughing)  but we met in Church. Despite my demanding schedule as a Medical Student , I was very committed in my service unit (the Crowd Control Unit in Living Faith Church, Ekpoma, Edo State).

1nebody: Many unmarried ladies nurse the fear that there are no more godly bachelors. What’s your take and what advice would you give someone who has this mindset?

EMO: There are still godly bachelors. I believe as the Bible says in Genesis 11:6; “that nothing shall be restrained from them which they have imagined… It is what you imagine and believe that you get. As my husband says; expect the best, get godly counsel, prepare yourself and take covenant steps and you are sure to get your desires.

1nebody: Wow. That is so true. So, if you are yet to be married, you need to adopt this mindset going forward. Thank you Dr Evelyn for accepting to share your testimony with us.

EMO: Thank you for having me on 1nebody!