Not lucky, I’m loved is the second piece being reviewed from Jonathan McReynolds’ collection this month. Isn’t that amazing? Safe to refer to him as our newest songwriter friend on the blog (haha)

It’s a track from the ‘Make Room‘ Album released in 2018.

Not chance, not the stars…your blessings are a direct product of God’s love for you. That’s the preoccupation of this amazing piece.

So, when you receive that dream job, car, baby (or babies), promotion, spouse… (fill the blanks) don’t go thanking some lucky stars, No! They are right from the father’s heart to a dear child like you.

God has orchestrated every bit of your life, don’t you see? You couldn’t have been so perfect and detailed in your projections; He has poured so much love on you and it’s totally in line to show Him some gratitude.

This song has a really nice upbeat tone, you start dancing whether or not you planned to. Did I mention that the video is super cool and the lyrics stick almost immediately. Recommended? You bet, I do.

Image: Sourced here
God’s blessings always,